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Services for Canadians

GreenDisk does not have processing facilities or shipping relationships in Canada.  As a result, the only service available to individuals and organizations in Canada is the Technotrash Pack-IT Service

With the Pack-IT Service, you can recycle almost all the same technotrash but need to put the eWaste in your own box(es) and send it in yourself.  Click here to learn more about the Pack-IT Service and what you can recycle.

How to order a Pack-IT Service?

Today, the GreenDisk online system is not set up to accept Canadian addresses.  A GreenDisk service rep will need to do this for you.  Please contact GreenDisk at 425-392-8700 or 800-305-3475.

What about in the future?

We are investigating opportunities for more local processing within Canada.  We are working with partners to assist in the processing and transport process in several locations in Canada.  This will enable us to offer GreenDisk's complete line of recycling services.  We do not have an expected date of completion at this time; any updates will be made available through this site.  Thank you for your patience and your commitment to recycling and the environment.