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GreenDisk.  Large Load Program (over 500 lbs.)

Whether you require one-time recycling of a single large load or an ongoing recycling program, GreenDisk coordinates nationwide pickups with over 30 years of experience creating solutions that fit your needs.

We take large loads

GreenDisk provides convenient pickup and processing of palletized loads over 500 lbs. Loads have ranged from a single pallet to our largest consisting of 26 traincars. We coordinate the pickup, manage the shipping, and advise your staff throughout the project. Our recycling program includes:

  • Destruction of content on electronic media
  • Recycling and processing of the resulting materials (media, cases, etc)
  • Certificate of Compliance stating weight and date of processing

We can provide a project quote within a day of receiving your load details and can typically schedule a pickup within 48 hours of quote approval.

GreenDisk's list of technotrash recyclables includes:

We ensure the content on your electronic media is fully destroyed and the resulting materials recycled and disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.

To develop a customized large load recycling solution for your organization, please email or call .

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