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Technotrash Pack-IT 
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When you have small amounts of technotrash, use Pack-IT.

The GreenDisk Technotrash Pack-IT Service is designed to meet the recycling needs of individuals and organizations that accumulate small amounts of technotrash. Concerns about data security and environmental responsibility are met by our well-defined recycling procedures and comprehensive audit trail.

You can dispose of most computer-related waste that fits into your box.  That includes anything from a CD to cords, mice, cell phones, and printer cartridges (use the computer & component service for your laptop, desktop cpu, or monitor).  Click here for a complete list.

 With the Technotrash Pack-IT, you pack any technotrash items (just like the Technotrash Can) in your own box and pay to ship it to GreenDisk using your preferred shipper Important Information.

Simply put your technotrash into a box, estimate the weight of your box, order the Pack-IT Service (below), print out the shipping label, and send the box off to GreenDisk … using your preferred shipper at your convenience. All content on media is destroyed and all of the physical materials are disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.

**TEMPORARY ORDERING PROCESS** Our Merchant Processor is installing security upgrades.  While these upgrades are taking place, you will not be able to place orders online; GREENDISK WILL NEED TO PLACE THE ORDER FOR YOU.

If you do not have a GreenDisk Account, create one by going to My Account. Then follow the instructions below.

If you currently have a GreenDisk Account (and you do if you have previously placed an order), either send an email to or call customer service at 425.392.8700 x1.  Include the following information: account email address, product( desired, quantity, and total dollar amount.  Please make sure your account address and phone information are current.  You can either include credit card information in your email or GreenDisk will call you to get that information. 

Note:  If you purchased a Pack-IT Service prior to April 21, 2016, the address of the processing facility has changed.  Email ( or call with your order number and token number so we can send you a replacement label.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Technotrash Pack-IT Service - 25 lbs or less$11.95
Additional pounds over 25 lbs. (*Pack-IT order above required)$0.45

For any Pack-IT order over 25 lbs., put the number "1" in the Pack-IT service area and the total weight less 25 lbs. in the "additional pounds" area. If you have multiple boxes, the number of labels you print should match the number of boxes. To uniquely identify your boxes, write-in (on each label) 1 of x number of boxes, 2 of x, etc.

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